Saturday, August 30, 2008

An idea whose time has come

I find that I often form opinions. I would go as far as to say strongly held opinions. Those who are close to me often find that they are burdened with them as I am incapable of holding them to myself. So as to avoid ranting and at the encouragement of a number of particularly burdened friends I have taken it upon myself to create this blog and provide myself with an outlet which will help me maintain the goodwill of my current social network. I do this fully aware of the fact that not all will agree with my ideas and commentary. To those who may find themselves in this group I say merely: such is life. With this disclaimer I proceed with my blogging.


Nate said...

Perfect and congratulations.

Tanner Mills said...

go cracker!

Jason & Shannon said...

Grahamy!!! Hey! Found your blog through Tans, How are you?! (Remember me from camp JJ? Bow and arrow shooting.. Good times.)